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Introducing Soiree on a Sunday Video

A short video introducing the SOS concept was made from ‘The Overture’ which can be described: The Overture  – Sally Ford presented her new trio -The Idiomatics – featuring Patrick Cronin and Michael Havir with special guest Alice Garner. Using samples, keyboards, electronica, cello, flute, sax and trombone, the band offered a richly imagined musical experience to underpin Sally’s wryly-observed lyrics. Acclaimed writer and poet Cate Kennedy presented the first of a series of performance monologues she will curate over the course of the SOS season from a variety of sources – in this first session, on the theme of ‘noir’, one monologue was adapted from her subtle and darkly comic story collection ‘Dark Roots’ and the other will be a newly-created piece as a taste of things to come. International circus and physical comedy stars Dan Oldaker and Rani Huszar of Varietyville amazed our audience with comic absurdity and spectacular magic.